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From $2k To $10k Sales - Learn How Profotiya Helped An Ecommerce Store To Get 4.75 ROAS


XYZ Ecommerce Store, is a small online business that sells Bed linen and accessories. The business was struggling to increase their sales and expand their customer base, despite their high-quality products. They had limited resources and didn’t know where to invest their marketing budget to get the best return on investment.


The main challenges faced by Store were as follows:

Low sales: The business was not generating enough sales to sustain and grow their business.

Lack of brand awareness: Despite offering unique and high-quality products, the business was not well known and had low brand awareness.

Ineffective marketing: The business had tried various marketing strategies in the past, but none had proven to be effective in generating sales and increasing their customer base.

Limited resources: The business had a limited marketing budget and needed to ensure that they were investing their resources in the right channels to maximize their return on investment.


To address these challenges, XYZ Ecommerce Store decided to partner with a Profitiya that specialized in helping small businesses grow their online presence. @Profitiya marketing agency worked closely with the business to develop a new marketing strategy that focused on the following key elements:

Targeted advertising:  The agency conducted extensive research to identify the business’s target audience and created custom advertising campaigns that would resonate with their interests and preferences.

Compelling ad creatives:  The agency created eye-catching  and compelling ad creatives that showcased the unique and high-quality products offered by the business.

Conversion-focused website:  The agency redesigned the business’s website to create a seamless and easy shopping experience for visitors, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment and increasing the conversion rate.

Return on investment Profitiya agency


$2k Spent $10k Sales = 4.75 ROAS

The new marketing strategy had a significant impact on the Store’s sales and business growth. Here are some key results:

The business was able to increase their sales by investing  $2,000 to $10,000 within a short period of time.

The business achieved a 4.75 return on ad spend (ROAS), which means that for every dollar invested in advertising, they generated $4.75 in sales.

The business’s website traffic increased by 200%, thanks to the targeted advertising campaigns that brought in more visitors.

The business’s brand awareness increased significantly, as more people were exposed to their products and brand through the targeted advertising campaigns.

Wrap Up!

With the help of a Profitiya Agency, XYZ Ecommerce Store was able to significantly increase their sales and business growth.

So, If you’re a small business struggling to grow your online presence and increase sales, consider working with Profitiya marketing agency to develop a strategy that resonates with your target audience and drives results.

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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