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From Struggling to Successful: How We Boosted Email Sales by 24% Each Month

Are you struggling with low sign-up rates, poor open and click-through rates, and minimal revenue from your email campaigns? 

Profitiya Marketing Agency has got you covered! We recently helped a client from the USA increase their revenue by +24% each month through a three-step upward strategy that we customized to their unique needs. Here’s how we did it:


Our client had started email automation on their own but soon realized that they were struggling to get results. Although they had a catchy templates, they were experiencing a sign-up rate of less than 1%, horribly poor open and click-through rates, and only 4% revenue from their emails. The client reached out to us for help.

Our team applied the three-step upward strategy to revamp our client’s email marketing efforts.

The Three-Step Upward Strategy:

Step 1 - Sign-up Form Optimization:

We optimized the sign-up form to create a lucrative offer that helped to attract leads. We also reduced the friction associated with the call-to-action (CTA).

Step 2 - Email Design:

We redesigned the email to reduce the risk of spam. We did this by minimizing image parts and inserting dynamic blocks to create a more personalized experience for the audience. We used only brand colors and fonts, creating a consistent brand image.

Step 3 - Email Content:

We created concise, personalized copy, focusing on building a relationship with the audience. The CTA was prominent, and we included backlinks to drive traffic to our client’s website. We also encouraged customer feedback and reviews, boosting the brand’s authority and improving domain reputation.


The results were outstanding! We were able to achieve a sign-up rate of 3.3% (above the industry average), increase revenue by +24% each month, and significantly improve the client’s happiness (+101%). The open and click-through rates were also above the industry average. Although the client had invested in lead generation, they were able to achieve a 3500%+ ROI, lower customer acquisition costs, returning customers, and high CLV.

Final Words:

With the assistance of Profitiya Marketing Agency, … Company was able to overcome their challenges and significantly increase their sales and revenue. If you’re a small e-commerce business facing similar challenges, Profitiya Marketing Agency can help you too.

So, don’t let poor email performance hold your business back! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve remarkable results with your email campaigns.

Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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