Case Study:

Boosted Your Sales: Profitiya's Facebook Advertising and Management Services Generated ~£55k for XYZ Business in Just One Month!


When XYZ Business came to us, they were struggling with their Facebook ad campaigns. Despite investing £10K in December 2022, they had only generated a Purchases Conversion Value of ~£25K, which was not enough to achieve their growth goals. They knew they needed help to improve their Facebook advertising and management efforts.


After conducting an audit of their existing campaigns, we identified several issues that were limiting their success:

Lack of Audience Targeting

XYZ Business had been using broad audiences, resulting in wasted ad spend and low conversion rates.

Unappealing Ad Creative

Their ads were not visually appealing or engaging enough to capture their audience’s attention.

Lack of Usage Data Insights

They were not optimizing their campaigns based on data-driven insights, which resulted in low overall campaign performance.

Our Strategy:

To address these issues, we developed a customized strategy for XYZ Business.

  1. We started by creating custom audiences based on user  behavior, interests, and demographics  to ensure that their ads were reaching the right people.
  1. We then optimized their ad creative by creating visually appealing and click worthy ads that highlighted their unique value proposition

We also leveraged data-driven insights to make strategic decisions and constantly optimized their campaigns to achieve the best possible results.


The results were astounding:

With the same £10K investment, we were able to increase their Purchases Conversion Value from ~£25K to ~£55K in just one month.

Our team achieved a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 550%, which means XYZ Business made £5 for every £1 they spent on Facebook Ads, achieved a higher customer lifetime value, and build a stronger online presence.

This able us to made a significant increase in XYZ Business’s website traffic, engagement, and brand awareness.


Result no 7 at Profitiya agency


Result no 83 at Profitiya Agency

Wrap Up!

With the assistance of Profitiya Marketing Agency XYZ Company was able to achieve outstanding results and a high ROAS in just one month. They were thrilled with the results and have continued to work with us to further optimize their Facebook ad campaigns.

So, if you’re struggling with your Facebook ad campaigns, contact us today to learn more about how we can boom your business to new heights!

Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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