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How Profitiya Marketing Agency Helped XYZ Company Increase $140k In just 2 Weeks


XYZ Company is a small business that specializes in selling handmade candles and other home decor items on their Shopify store. The company had been struggling to increase its sales for a while, but with the assistance of Profitiya Marketing Agency, they were able to significantly improve their sales and revenue.


When XYZ Company approached Profitiya Marketing Agency, they were facing several challenges that were hindering their ability to grow their business. Some of the main challenges were:

Low website traffic: The company was not getting enough visitors to their website, which was directly impacting their sales.

Poor website design: The website was poorly designed, which made it difficult for customers to navigate and find what they were looking for.

Ineffective marketing: The company was not effectively promoting their products, which made it difficult to attract new customers and retain existing ones.


To address the challenges faced by XYZ Company, Profitiya Marketing Agency implemented a three-step approach:

Conducted a website audit: The first step was to conduct a thorough audit of XYZ Company’s website. The audit helped us to identify areas that needed improvement. We recommended a website redesign and optimization of the product pages to improve user experience and encourage sales. We also suggested adding a “  plugin so that they could provide excellent customer service.

Leveraged social media: The next step was to increase XYZ Company’s presence on social media platforms. We ran paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers and promoted the company’s products. This helped them to improve their reach and target the right audience.

Implemented email marketing: The final step of our strategy was implementing an email marketing strategy for XYZ Company so that they can retain existing customers and attract new ones. We design their email workflow and created a series of email campaigns that featured audience pain points and special offers to increase sales and revenue.


The changes made by Profitiya Marketing Agency resulted in significant improvements in XYZ Company’s sales and revenue. Here are some key results:

Increase in website traffic: After implementing the changes, the company’s website traffic increased by 300%.

Increase in conversion rate: The company’s conversion rate improved by 180% after optimizing their product pages and implementing email marketing campaigns.

Increase in revenue: As a result of the improved website design, optimized product pages, and effective marketing strategies, the company’s revenue increased by 60%.

Wrap Up!

With the assistance of Profitiya Marketing Agency, XYZ Company was able to overcome their challenges and significantly increase their sales and revenue. Profitiya Marketing Agency identified the issues that were impacting XYZ Company’s sales and created effective solutions that improved their website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue.

If you’re a small e-commerce business facing similar challenges, Profitiya Marketing Agency can help you too.

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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