Case Study:

Vape Store UK

The industry in which Google & Meta don’t allow ads campaigns and the only rest way is SEO, I mean it Vape Industry.

I was excited because they sell Vapes as I like to vape.

The Challenge:

The Vape Store was struggling with organic sales for several months. They had a marketing agency working with them but not impressive results.

Reached out to Profitiya Agency to achieve their goals in terms of not only revenue but setting up salesfunnels.

The Execution:

Here’s how we did this? 

1️⃣ Re-structured their menu and collections

    ✅ They had more than 3000 products in only 4 collection pages, we categorized the products to build 5 more collection pages.
    ✅ We designed pages in a way that all products should show in a page instead of pagination.
    ✅ The beauty of creating new collection pages is that it allowed us to target more keywords.
    ✅ Researched more products to target.

2️⃣ We did some in-depth keyword research

    ✅ We did this alongside the restructuring of their collections/menu.

    ✅ We determined 4-5 keywords on each page that are going to be best to target.

    ✅ We targeted keywords mostly in the 2,000+ search volume per month range as this industry has high volume keywords.

3️⃣ On-Page Optimization

    ✅ We update their pages to be more relevant for our target keywords.
    ✅ We naturally added the keywords in the title tag, collection title, meta description, content.

4️⃣ Content SUPER important

    ✅ We added a detailed piece of content with multiple headings to each of their collection pages.

    ✅ We were able to include a few keywords in this area, which helps create more relevance.

    ✅ We published more than 500 blog posts to build clusters and SILO structures.

5️⃣ Link Building

    ✅ To Be honest, we built more than 30k backlinks⛓️ through multiple techniques. 


Overall, these strategies were successful in increasing organic clicks for the Vape industry website. It will be interesting to see how much further the organic traffic and revenue can be grown.


Organic clicks increased upto 1700+%

CTR increased upto 300% (2.1% to 8.6%)


Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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Welcome to Profitiya. Let’s take a long dream drive together to achieve your business goals!

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